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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 530P  FOX  February 27, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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the newwahe...oues h hillary clinton claiming another victory on the road to the white house. cnn projecting the former secretary of state will win the state of south carolina. here is a live shot tonight where he expected to be speaking any minutes and we will have complete coverage any minute. the day has finally come, avalanche fans were filling the final field of the grand finale. >> it sounds like a blast. lower downtown the avalanche take on the detroit red wings at coors field and true and go jew and go bart spent the day and look at the big-game about an hour and a half from now seeking
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expected to flood the streets of lodo for what feels like more of a festival instead of a hockey well done denver. >> we definitely want to come out and seeing everything out here it's just awesome. 16 cities host an nhl seat stadium series should be considered a major success. >> just the celebration of the ads in the 20 years they've been here. >> it is not just the spectacle of outdoor hockey with countless hockey legends. it's the atmosphere. >> it's super cool. my son is skating in the show it's a whole family event. >> hockey fever is spreading through avalanche country. >> we definitely made a weekend of it. >> at what cap off a perfect
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follow up a win and row will will have much more in the game and we will lead a full recap for you from 20 20th and blake on fox 31 denver news at nine. >> drying the short stick again today. and an update to a story you first saw on fox. cherry creek school's cubs fire to fired a school bus driver after for dui. michael hobbs was about to leave on route from middle school west middle school when a staffer smelled alcohol on his breath. deputies caught up with his bus after he dropped off kid that is first and only stopped his first and only stopped. deputies say he failed a breathalyzer test. he was arrested and charged with dui and child abuse. he bonded out of jail's saturday today and parents are demanding answers. >> >> what is concerning me is the teachers had smelled alcohol on the driver's breath and drivers
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to leave the property known observed him talking a or walking erratically. our surveillance videos on the bus do not show him driving erratically. >> he admitted he'd had a beer at lunch. the school district said it is reviewing its policies. more cases of months showing up in colorado. for people have concert kick confirmed cases and more. the outbreak began in iowa. that person moved to colorado and showed cyst symptoms unlikely spreader to three friends. the group showed up at the denver health care clinic and now three healthcare workers who treated them are now also showing symptoms even though they were vaccinated. it is recommended you get a blood test to be sure you are immune. >> you want to know that you are safe from this kind of thing the blood tests will show if you have enough antibodies to fight off mumps or if you need months
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it is about 88. >> the academy awards are not dealing with another growing controversy and lieberman has the story from jerusalem. >> this year's top nominees will pick up an oscar swag bag worth $200,000. >> everybody is going to be interested in this including a $900 toilet paper dispenser, $300 a personalized m&ms, $3 chapstick and the most expensive gift in the bag of $50,000 all-expenses-paid trip to israel >> we're going to tell the story and we are we're going to tell it right. all hosts will get the unofficial oscars gift. israel hopes to boost the country's struggling towards in
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store's followers on stars followers on social media. we want to show how interesting it is here and i tell them use this opportunity. >> they were hoping their lack of racial diversity would be the only controversy but this trip giveaway has set off a whole new controversy. >> we keep we reject this israeli trip. they said accepting the trip played into what he calls israel's propaganda.
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this after four balkan countries slovenia croatia serbia and macedonia all introduced tight restrictions on people from afghanistan, syria and iraq. families are now's sleeping in bus terminals. >> for shelter dogs dogs took center stage at the tennis opens. cell sa o paulo and they picked
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round string practice and exhibition matt matches. they trained for months. they said they wanted to promote awareness that even abandoned street animals can be given a second chance at life. pretty cool. some of the technology available nowadays can be complicated and downright confusing. now aarp is offering free classes on how to use those mobile devices. they focus on seniors using modern technology so they can keep in touch with their families. >> when you give a loved one a new smart phone they may not be sure what to do with it or how it works. that is why aarp aarp's hands-on training sessions for seniors shows that it is a phone but with many modern ways with many modern ways of staying connected no. >> >> the first thing you want to
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relationship with the technology is what experience have they had with it. start from what they know first >> adults who didn't grow up around this technology. >> the text messages are or just sums short messages that are sent between devices. >> you have to be in it too to win it. very seldom i go in the computer because all my messages some on my cell phone. >> most seniors say they're learning to use their smart phones that they can keep in touch with family and friends. they are shown how to take pictures, common acronyms and how to send pictures. >> is this the first message that you have sent? >> yes. >> is this your first message? >> yes. [laughter]
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message you guys. >> they use say how to use e-mail and how to use social e-mail social media. >> it goes to places where they don't have a lot of subways keep track of your friends family and stay connected. >> online safety is very important as well and finally, it is important to be reminded that everyone feels a little overwhelmed when learning a new device so take it one step at a time. >> quite a number of things i have to go home and become more familiar with what did i can do for you. >> you don't have to be an aarp members take part in the classes and all of the courses are signed up.
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admitting this. >> it sounds like your mother's more is more advanced than you. >> celebrating the life that lasts a century. >> this man's remarkable background and who he credits the bus go down at coors field show you what the avalanche players and coaches are saying as they gear up for the big stage. beautiful evening under way but at time this campus is bouncing around a bit
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here is a fact for your next trivia game the united states has more centenarians than any nation that feeds people who have lived 100 years or more. >> dan drew has the story of one denver man celebrating his 100 second-year of life. >> by definition you could call al cheshire of denver a centenarian, someone who is 100 years or older. a little perspective when he was born in world war i was underway, woodrow wilson was president mister and mrs. cheshire welcomed a baby owl into their sedalia missouri home. so i put on my reading glasses and had a chat with al. >> is one of the signs you're getting older. >> that's funny me saying that to you. >> his earliest memory? >> i remember back about between three and four years old born
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>> now at 101, he feels great. >> take me to the zoo and i will with the wildcats. >> he finds himself in a very special group these days, century old citizens. >> i'm not going to ask you the obvious question how to do live so long but how did you live so long? begin my family, attitude and god almighty. >> he is getting spruced up and celebrate yet another birthday. >> tomorrow i will be 102. >> he has known presidents. >> lbj was my very good friend working government had a lot of high points in my life. so what does he want for his birthday? >> more friends. >> that shouldn't be a problem. he still drives and solves a sell to lombardi's barbershop
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aurora about twice a month. >> now pinpoint weather with meteorologist mark months for charlie shortly. >> one charlie. >> one of 102 and sharp as a sack's sharp as sac sharp as a tack. when you hit the seventies it was beautiful especially for late february. the rink there at coors field avalanche and red wings giving their legs warm for the about its you can see some kids there on the bottom of the screen and the little rink there on the field as well what a good deal is going to be for some hockey. west of the city and north 20-mile per hour wind gusts
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have the wins so dry out there we have danger elevated moving over the north eastern plains northeastern planes that continues north over cheyenne and two through central wyoming as well. that fire what danger will be elevated to her about 7 p.m. and chapters begin to drop. that should begin to increase for us that starting to exit drier air filtering in out there and none of that will translate down into the weather that is supposed to be associated with
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it will all track into the dakotas as we head into tonight but that front front drive to the south by tomorrow morning. coupled snow possible in the high country but nothing major wind 20 maybe 30 miles per hour but sonny is sunny as we get into our sunday afternoon. highs behind that front anywhere from five to 10 degrees cooler than we thought it and look at these numbers. 72 for the high this afternoon and 1 degree shy of that record that was set back in oh six of 73 and we crushed the average high for this time of year and we cool it down by five to 10 in the end of the day tomorrow up
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much. it was a beautiful day on the slopes tomorrow should be just as good with maybe a few inches of fresh powder thrown on top of that. our next system where keeping an eye out for is still up over the pacific northwest. i will say monday afternoon or so could dive through. maybe some snow in the mountains. may be transitioning into some light snow but not accumulating too much. partly cloudy to mao should be beautiful day. as we go through the day tomorrow highs in the upper fifties let's say 59 degrees and the seven-day forecast shows us back into the lower sixties on monday a late day rain late a rain shower baby snowflakes tuesday morning piling up all across the city and in the latter stages of next week looks beautiful. >> and the game the hockey game is one of the warmer ones for the nhl game. >> i believe san jose and la were just as warm there but they are not expecting any issues on the ice.
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the first two months it was like 30 degrees everyday and not with 60 degrees. >> much better. lindsey vonn crashes and is once again injured. and rapper set to bring the big name to their roster. details coming up. new information about fun miller and his big contract
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sports is next. (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
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it's pretty impressive. i can watch the rock is many times for baseball baseball game but it's something new for me
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the stadium dues between puck to drop in minutes older highlights at nine but this is going to be fun. two teams finally getting the playoffs and in all of colorado it's going to be really exciting today everybody am meeting downtown everybody is really excited. i think the buzz with sports and otherwise i'm really pumped for it. otherwise 3,000 on hand for the alumni game. it was fun watching colorado and detroit go forward.
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a number of states for the absent to top it all off colorado got the wind taken taking and 52. >> >> we're going to put this case it's fun. we are all on the same boat. not many guys play often and are all going to be were all going to be sore but we are happy to get it over with. >> so according to woody peyton peyton manning will likely make his retirement announcement sometime at the and of this week anywhere from march 1st to the fourth. super bowl mvp m fun miller not expected to reach that deal before the end of the super bowl deal which means he will like ruby typist does not bode well for keeping brock osweiler and
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lindsey vonn crash off the course right at the end of her run. she had to be taken off on a rescue sleds. she wrote on her facebook page
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hairline fracture in her left knee and will get an mri monday. she did not rule out raising tomorrow in a combined event. knee injury. in 2014 she had a broken ankle bone which kept her out of the 2014 olympics. colorado rapids are pretty brutal last weekend they did finish dead last. with only 37 points are not looking for an upgrade and it appears they have found it. news broke united states international doorkeeper tim howard is coming close to completing a move that would send him to colorado. the team has been interested in the 36 euros since january, right after they landed the top spot which gives them a first crack at a list the list of internationals. they join the rapids at some point in july. his contract runs until 2019. he is set to make 2 million a
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we all remember tim howard and those moments in the world cup when he was a brick wall and now he is coming to colorado. how cool is that? news updates
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